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Specialty Services

Project Management

Pro-Tel is ready to provide complete project management for all types of telecommunications projects. We will assume full responsibility for the timely completion and quality of the entire project. Our management techniques include the planning and scheduling of projects, the establishment of milestones, and the utilization of Telcordia standards to ensure schedule compliance. Pro-Tel also provides coordination between various departments and liaison with other agencies to assure that quality standards are met through a continual inspection program.

Pro-Tel provides highly qualified management personnel to supervise and coordinate critical aspects of every type of telecommunications system, whether in the area of engineering, installation or maintenance. We offer experienced management personnel in classifications such as: Project Management, Engineering Management, Auditors, and Installation Foreman

  • Quality / Auditing Services

  • Our Quality Management System ensures that quality and performance objectives are met and are also continually improving. All Professional Teleconcepts installations meet the rigid requirements set forth by the Equipment Manufacturers, Telcordia, and individual Operated Companies. Our rigid Quality Management System insures that all work completed by Professional Teleconcepts exceeds the highest standards in the industry.

    We are continuously committed to providing 100% error free Engineering, Furnishing and Installation services. Our Quality Management System is based upon the latest Quality Process Standards as issued by Telcordia in Technical References GR-1502-CORE, Central Office Environment Detail Engineering Generic Requirements and GR-1275-CORE, Central Office Environment Installation/Removal Requirements. All work performed shall adhere to the latest issue of the Professional Teleconcepts Quality Manual and that conformity shall be documented via the Professional Teleconcepts Internal Quality Audit forms. At Professional Teleconcepts, quality is a team effort. All employees at all levels shall be trained and knowledgeable in up-to-date quality requirements.

    In 2004, Professional Teleconcepts, Inc. was recognized by the QuEST Forum for TL9000 Certification in the areas of Installation (7.1.1), Engineering ( and Procurement (7.6.1) Services. The purpose of TL-9000 is to define the telecommunications quality system requirements for the design, development, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of products and services.

    Pro-Tel is committed to providing its customers with quality products and services, as well as the sustained dedication required to comply with the rigorous standards of TL 9000.

  • Training & Recruiting

  • The Pro-Tel Education Center is used as a training and certification center for Pro-Tel employees. The facility is also available to Pro-Tel's customers for off-site instruction. Employees and customers alike receive quality educational opportunities in a state-of-the-art education center.