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Furnishing & Warehousing

Here at Pro-Tel we are dedicated to providing 100% defective free equipment and installation materials to meet the needs of any telecom project in the industry. Through more than 25 years of telecom services we have compiled a vast list of telecom suppliers who provide racks, cabinets, cables, as well as major equipment such as power plants, muxes, repeaters and outside plant equipment.

Pro-Tel offers material management and logistics services on all of our projects. We regularly price, order, warehouse, stage, and ship material to locations throughout the United States. We have developed strategic relationships in this field that allow us to deliver exceptional services at competitive prices nationwide. Our Mission is to provide our customers with a diverse supplier base and to recognize services or products provided through partnerships that are beneficial to our suppliers growth and our increased service capabilities, quality of work, customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Pro-Tel is committed at the highest levels of management to provide monitoring to our valued diversity supplier partners. We believe that our Mission and Vision statements require firm commitment on Pro-Tel's behalf to the continual improvement of our supplier base and the aid in their development of best practices.

With over 20,000 sqft of warehouse space in the country and an interconnected online warehouse management system Pro-Tel has the ability to take on even the largest logistics. Giving our clients the peace of mind that there material is being handled with care and the ability to track from the warehouse to the field.